Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Updated: May 30, 2020

Does a ram (male bighorn sheep) typically fight with ewes (female bighorn sheep)?

In my research of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, I cannot find any substantial evidence that shows this act of dominance by the ram toward its potential mate.

During a recent trip to Flaming Gorge reservoir, my friend and I encountered the confrontation of a disgruntled ram and its group.

The ram had issues with most all of the others, but one yearling lamb in particular seemed to be his main target.  

After their confrontation: they each locked horns and soon it was over.

The more mature ram stood proudly while the youngster walked away in defeat.

I’m not an expert with wildlife. However, in August, 2019, I took a photograph at this same location which I believe to be the same herd.

My studies say that rams typically grow their horns six inches per year until they are much older. That leads me to believe the yearling lamb (pictured) may indeed be a young ram conflicting with the more dominant ram.

Is this an ewe or a young ram? Your thoughts are welcomed.

Hope you enjoy my writing.

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